Superform Lift Trucks are manufactured in one of the world's largest production facilities for handling equipment and are engineered to meet & exceed international standards. All our products are CE (European Union Standards) and TUV (German Standards) certified and all the companies involved in the manufacturing and marketing processes are ISO9001:2008 certified.

Superform offers a wide range of products to meet your material handling requirements. Special attention paid to factors such as performance, reliabiity, and operator efficiencies means that we can put overall equipment value to work for you.

Our products are classified into two broad categories :

1) Manually Operated and Semi-Auto Handling Equipment.
  • Superior designs and usage of high quality components ensures maximum handling efficiencies.
  • 'Anti Impact' valves (on selected models only) lowers fully loaded equipment gently even when release mechanisms are fully employed.
  • 'Anti Overload Protection' system to prevent equipment damage and danger to the operator.
  • Thick, prime quality steel materials are used to construct rigid and sturdy frame structures when are then epoxy powder coated for a long lasting finish.
  • All hydraulic pump systems utilize components machined to fine tolerances and long lifetime German seals.
  • Electronic and other componentry are regularly tested against international standards.
Ease of Operations/Maintenance
  • Ergonomically designed handles and controls ensure operator comfort.
  • Precision ball bearing centred wheels, superior castors and steering chain linkages offer superb manoevrability and minimum push / pull force requirements.
  • Modular, cartridge-type designs for hydraulic systems provide ease of replacement and maintenance.
2) Fully Powered Electric Lift Trucks.
  • Metalrota1 (Italy) drive motors with Curtis2 (USA) control circuit boards offers noiseless and smooth step-less acceleration.
  • Hydr-app3 (Italy) hydraulic power packs provide powerful and trouble-free lifting and lowering of the heaviest of loads.
  • Automatic electric braking is standard where the braking force is related to the truck's speed.
  • Wide steering angles and a superb chassis design on all our trucks ensure extreme stability and manoeuvrability even in confined conditions.
  • High tensile steel interlocking mast channel costruction with ball bearing roller design for a long fuss-free life.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction of the truck increases product life.
  • 24 Volt deep cycle traction battery provides greater performance and prolonged work cycles for an extended period of time
  • Electrical and hydraulic components are logically separated for reduced maintenance problems and easy service.
Ease of Operations/Maintenance
  • Multifunction ergonomic control handle contains conveniently positioned dual thumb wheels with twist grips, lift, lower and horn buttons for simplified operation of all controls with either hand.
  • Spring loaded operator platform and foldable side guards ensure comfortable and safe usage.
  • Safety glass mast guard and high visibility mast allows the operator to clearly see the fork tips and a wider view of the work area.
  • One piece lift-off service access cover provieds easy access to major components to reduce service time during inspection and maintenance.