Compact Mobile Aluminium Work Platform Single Mast

AWP-CP Series

S.W.L 150kg
  S.W.L  (for AWP12-136CP only) 136kg
  Max. occupants 1
Working height
AWP6-150CP 8.00m
AWP8-150CP 10.00m
AWP10-150CP 12.00m
AWP12-136CP 14.00m
Platform floor height
AWP6-150CP 6.00m
AWP8-150CP 8.00m
  AWP10-150CP 10.00m
  AWP12-136CP 12.00m
Overall length (stowed)  
AWP6-150CP 1.27m
AWP8-150CP 1.37m
AWP10-150CP 1.43m
AWP12-136CP 1.46m
Overall width 0.73m
Overall height (stowed)  
AWP6-150CP 1.99m
AWP8-150CP 1.99m
AWP10-150CP 1.99m
AWP12-136CP 2.77m
Overall height (tilted back)  
AWP6-150CP -
AWP8-150CP -
AWP10-150CP -
AWP12-136CP 1.95m
x Outrigger footprint  
AWP6-150CP 1.64m x 1.88m
AWP8-150CP 1.64m x 1.88m
AWP10-150CP 1.64m x 1.88m
AWP12-136CP 1.92m x 2.16m
Platform size 0.69 x 0.60m
Ground clearance 0.06m
Wheelbase 1.07m
Lifting motor
AC 110-230VAC/1.5kw
DC 12VDC/1.5kw
Up/Down speed
AWP6-150CP 38/34sec
AWP8-150CP 36/30sec
  AWP10-150CP 44/36sec
  AWP12-136CP 62/47sec
Batteries 1 x 12V/120Ah
Integrated charger 12V/12A
Back wheels 8in
Front wheels 5in
AWP6-150CP 366(AC)/ 404(DC)kg
AWP8-150CP 414(AC)/ 450(DC)kg
  AWP10-150CP 434(AC)/ 470(DC)kg
  AWP12-136CP 526(AC)/ 558(DC)kg


  • Light weight enhance mobility
  • AC motor as standard, DC motor upon request
  • Also avaialble in working height of 12m and 14m

Standard equipment
  • Leveling outrigger device
  • Emergency stop button
  • Electric limit switch
  • Easy loading in pickup trucks
  • Emergency down button
  • Leveling indicator
  • Two controllers operation
  • Over loading limited