Low Profile

AC-LOW Series

Model   AC2000ELPN AC2000ELPW AC1000SLP
Capacity kg 2000 1000
Overall Forks Width mm 540 685 530
Fork Length mm 1150 1220 1120
Fork Size mm 160 x 37 160 x 30
Min. Fork Height mm 51 35
Max. Fork Height mm 165 90
Steering Wheel mm Ø 180 x 50W Ø 160 x 50W
Load Wheel mm Ø 50 x 93W Ø 34 x 58W
  • 51mm or 35mm lowered height.
  • For European pallets or special applications.
  • High tensile steel used at high stress points.
  • 'Anti-Impact' feature lowers fully loaded trucks gently even when release valve lever is completely squeezed.
  • Polyurethane steering wheels and steel load wheels.
  • Anti-overload system as standard.
  • Easy access to the lowest pallets and containers with the minimum floor clearance of 35mm and 51mm only.
  • Your handy choice to handle the low pallets which can only be handled by counterbalanced forklifts.