Pallet Tilter

MPT & EPT Series

Model   MPT10 EPT10
Capacity kg 1000
Overall Forks Width (W) mm 560
Fork Lenght (L) mm 800
Min. Fork Height (S) mm 85
Max. Fork Height (H) mm 285
Handle Height (L1) mm 1138
Width Between Forks (B1) mm 234
Fork Tip Length from Roller (L2) mm 135
Overall Width (B) mm 638
Overall Height (L) mm 1325 1410
Overall Height, Raised (H1) mm 950
Overall Height, Lowered (H2) mm 750
Load Centre (C1) mm Min. 200, Max. 400
Load Centre (C2) mm Min. 200, Max, 420
Lifting Motor Power   - 0.8kw / 12v
Net Weight kg 178 185
  • Superform pallet tilter, tilts and transports crates/ pallet mesh.
  • Designed to give the user an ergonomically correct position to reach loads easily without the necessity of bending down or stretching up.
  • Handle can be turned and locked in position away from the work area.
  • Applies to both sitting and standing positions.
  • Forks can be tilted up to 90°
  • Both are supplied as standard with parking brake and foot protectors.
  • Manual type : Lift and tilt functions are by manual hydraulic action.
  • Electric type: Lifting and lowering functions built into the handle and the tilt action is operated by remote control. This allows the user to adjust the tilt during filling or emptying crate or box.